Network Evolution

Transforming great ideas into simple solutions.

About Pramira

Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve the maximum possible return on investment with their networks.  We accomplish this by staying up to date with the latest trends in the telecom industry. We consistently develop superior services that exceed our client’s expectations through leveraging partnerships.  Innovation and simplicity are at the core of our services. We employ in-house Research and Development teams to identify, design, and build customized software and hardware solutions to separate ourselves from our competitors.  We create a professionally stimulating environment and provide a completely personalized customer experience.

Pramira brings the depth of expertise required to successfully support your next project while meeting your quality and on-time delivery expectations.
Our success is a proven track record of hard work and dedication, and the ability to execute on services while adhering your deliverables and deadlines.
Pramira Partnership Program: The unparalleled services we provide is possible through our Pramira Partnership Program. Our trusted relationships with vendors and engineers alike give us the ability to have a dynamic approach to the integration of old and new technologies that 5G requires. We integrate a smart collaboration with results that quantify your network’s capabilities.


Pramira’s core services are constructed around unique competencies in engineering services, coupled with years of experience working with various wireless technologies, including Public Safety, GSM, CDMA, UMTS/HSPA+ and LTE

Survey & Analysis

Supplementary services for RF design support and network upgrades include, Drive testing, benchmarking, in-building survey and venue walk testing, CW, E911, PIM, Interference hunting and remedy, and EME / MPE studies and surveys

Site Development

Our Site Development teams are spread across several US markets with teams of local specialists and readily deployable industry experts.  Whether your needs are Site Acquisition, zoning, A&E, Construction Management or a full turnkey solution. We have a proven track record executing milestones while adhering to our client’s strict deadlines.

PM & Operations

We leverage a host of project management tools for scheduling of projects including Microsoft GP, Microsoft Project, Microsoft SharePoint, as well as a suite of internally developed software and systems to ensure project delivery is on time and within budget. Our professionals are nationwide providers of turnkey program management services for Tier I & II wireless carriers.


Pramira extends a comprehensive array of network services and infrastructure support for accelerating network rollout, including planning, testing, design, integration, optimization, virtualization, maintenance, and monitoring.  Our network experts will ensure optimum network resource utilization and give recommendations for future expansion planning.

Research & Development

Providing maximum ROI for our clients and superior quality is a fundamental component of our business model.  Our R&D team utilizes a comprehensive approach to analyze industry best practices and identify innovative solutions throughout the supply chain and lifecycle of a project.  We develop customized hardware and software solutions through partnerships and our inhouse developers and engineers

Why Choose Us

Strong Delivery and project management team

Our proven track record – ability to scale and meet demand

Solid experience on various projects

Flexibility – ability to adapt and respond to your needs expeditiously

Leverage our on-site and remote delivery capabilities

Nationwide presence