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Site Development

Pramira performs Site Development services across the U.S. with teams of local specialists, combined with a centralized production organization based in Tustin, California. Site development involves the identification and securing of site locations for telecom equipment to be installed, whether on an existing or new structure. Services include entitlement, regulatory review and acquiring all approvals necessary for a carrier to locate a telecom facility or antenna apparatus on or at a particular location. PRAMIRA has developed a national reputation for the ability to execute and deliver on a wide variety of site development projects.


Pramira manages Architecture and Engineering services across the U.S., including macro-cell, small-cell, DAS, transport and wireline projects, as well as structural analysis and upgrades. A&E is a critical path element in that any and all physical additions or modifications to a new or existing telecom facility whether located on an existing tower, rooftop, water tank or within a venue/building (as in the case of most DAS installations), a set of architectural drawings and structural assessments is required. In many instances, it is the architect or engineer that will integrate the RF needs with the needs of the property owner and local jurisdictional requirements. Additionally, the architect and engineer have the ability to significantly increase or decrease the cost of the installation based on their experience and expertise with their design.


Pramira is a leading national provider of turnkey program management services for the wireless telecommunications infrastructure industry. Through its many years of self-performing services for Tier I and Tier II wireless carriers, Pramira combines its intimate knowledge of network planning and implementation with direct experience garnered from executing infrastructure services to deliver cohesive and effective program management. Pramira's professionals have a variety of unique project management tools at their fingertips for the managing and scheduling of projects including Microsoft GP, Microsoft Project, Microsoft SharePoint and a suite of internally developed software and systems to ensure project delivery is on time and within budget.

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